Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Salt Rock Spearfishing Club

Hey Guys,
Just a quick reminder about the meeting on Saturday the 3rd of February. We will meet at Angelo's Kitchen above the CNA in Ballito .... near where the Spur is ... which is near to Salmon Bay ...which is in Ballito! Got it??
Also there have been a number of guys asking if there are any changes to the club fees and how to pay them. The club fees are going to stay the same R200 cheap South African Rands. This time you will get a shirt ... Wimpy is on the case and they are being printed as we speak. How to pay ... well the best thing is to go to: http://www.salty-diver.com/admin_items/join_the_club.html and all the details are there!!
And lastly a huge well done to our record breakers!!
Sean Burns 27kg Yellow Fin Tuna
John Van Rooyen 4.35kg Stumpie
And me Chris Coates 9.6kg Snoek
I am sure there will be pics and stories up soon. I had taken some great pics on Morne's camera, for it only to be stolen the following day when the Department of Wealth Redistribution visited him and cleared his house of "non essential' goodies ..... bummer Morne. He still has his speargun so he is still smiling. So all I have is a grotty cellphone pic :-( bummer it was one for the wall.
Any way Party on the dive is looking good.
See you in the Water,