Thursday, January 04, 2007

Salty Diver Club News

Hey there Salty Boys,

Well it's the new year ..... daaa! So Merry Happy and Happy Merry to every one, I hope you had a blast!
I certainly did, Mozambique was fantastic and you can read all about it on the web.

This last year was a great year for the web site, there were loads of contributions and pics. Its these things that keeps the guys coming back for more. I have put up a new Gallery for 2007's spearfishing pics, so get those pics in!!

There is also 2 other additions to the site, firstly a news blog. This were all 'these' mails to the club will be archived, and you will be able to see what the club is up to even if you are not on the mailing list. It also creates more pages on the web with google ads, this in turn creates revenue for the club. ....and that is a good thing!

Secondly I have started my own blog and will post viz and sea condition reports on there .... daily. Well that's unless it is really trashed and I don't go down to look. I normally have a look at first light and will be posting the report via my cellphone ..... got to love technology :-)

On the Club side there are a few things to take note of:

The Club Comp!!
Tony has asked me to get the word out, and to ask guys to start getting sponsors. Even if you just start arousing some interest with some business's ...we will help get them to commit to some prizes. The comp and be a great thing for the club and we need every ones help to make it great .... so lets all climb in.

The Club Family Trip to Vidal 21-25 March
The trip has been confirmed and we are all on track to go. There is a comp scheduled for the same dates down south for the same weekend, but after chatting it through with Tony we decided that we will go to Vidal. The booking was hard to get and we have been planning it since last year already. Any way we will keep you posted on the details of the trip, so all you need to do is book your leave and if you have a boat let us know if it will be available for the trip.

Club Meetings
Our first club meeting will be on the 3rd February it is a Saturday and will probably be at a restaurant. We are doing this so that as many guys can come through for the meet as it will be a key meeting for the year and need everyone to be there. So please diarize this day now and come and get involved.

Other than that 2007 is going to be a blast, happy hunting.