Friday, January 26, 2007

Salty Diver

Hey Salty Boys,
Its been one hellova week, the snoek have been loose and the sea conditions epic. I think almost every one I saw diving got at least one fish. Some got a whole lot more ..:-)
Just to remind you that Saturday 3rd Feb is going to be our Club Evening at 'Angelo's Kitchen' above the CNA in Ballito. Brett the owner and Spearo has designed a special pizza for us. It's a 'Club Spearo Pizza' . One half is chunky chicken and bacon with feta, hence the 'Club' part. The other side is pepper dews and calamari ... the spearo part. I had the honour of test driving one on Wednesday nite and have to say it is the absolute bomb.
We will also be handing out our club shirts on Saturday, so if you have paid your fees there is a shirt for you. We will also have some for sale, I am not sure what the price will be but it should be in the region of R60.
Our Club trip in March is also going ahead as planed, Mich is putting together pricing and room allocations.This year you will have to pay in advance!! In the past Mich has spent loads of time running around and collecting money and trying to balance everything out. And half the time we land up getting money after the trip and some one always lands up out of pocket.
By paying in advance the club will also not have to come up with the deposit (which is due shortly) and we will have guys committed to the trip in advance and can plan boats better.
So in the mean time bank on R100 per person per day, put the money aside or even bring it on Saturday. If you have a boat that will be available please let me know, it will be good to plan ahead.
Cheers 4 now,