Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Salty Diver

Hey guys,
Just some quick up dates!
Our shirts will be ready for Saturday ... Dale at Massivegear is on the program. He has put together some top quality shirts, not your run of the mill stuff. We have even done some proper fitted ladies T's and some for the kids.
For those guys who are members they will get a T on the house, any extra shirts or shirts for the kids will cost R70 .....cheap!
So firstly pay your subs!!! Then come on Saturday and get your shirt. And dont forget the kick butt pizza's, 4 those of you that have forgotten already we will be at Angelo's above the CNA in Ballito 6:30 -4- 7:00pm (near Salmon Bay) and kids are welcome, they get to do there own thang ...pizza's, playstations, dvd's etc.
On that note would it be possible to reply to this mail and let me know if you will be making it, we need to get a rough idea on numbers.
This will also be a great opportunity to invite new guys to come have a 'look see'  ... the more the merrier.
Now onto the web site! Sorry it was down over the week end, and I had loads of guys all asking whats happened? It mad me realise how many guys actually check the site on a daily basis. ....It's Great!!
Talking about great things did you see Deborah's Cuta??? Go check it out ... especially all you ladies.
You would have also noticed that there is another Record. Craig Harper shot a pending SA Record Threadfin Mirrorfish 9.22kg .... I am just waiting on a story to get up there ... no pressure Craig :-)
And talking about records this January has been the best ever, with 5 records being broken: Snoek, Yellowfin Tuna, Stumpnose, Prodigal Son, and Threadfin Mirrorfish.
You will see that there is a special section now in the gallery for records ... go check it out!!!
We have also added a new feature to he gallery were you can rate the pics .... it will be interesting to see the ratings in a few months from now.
Anyway have fun, dive hard and we will see you on Saturday,