Thursday, January 11, 2007

Story from Wayno

Hey guys,

Here is a story Wayno writes for the local paper ..... it's a good read!

Every now and again you hear rumors about a fantast6ic fishing spot. The stories
and legends were coming to us about a secret spot in the Transkei. Being ever
ready for an adventure we planned to go an test this spot first hand. A few days
later we received photos of fantastic fish that had been caught there. We now
knew it was more that a rumor, and had to get there. The next e-mail contained
actual GPS co-coordinated of the reef in the area and we were now totally set,
and totally amped.

Spear guns were serviced, and dive shops visited
to get everything we might need. Leave was organized, and business details set
in place. We were ready. Tomorrow we go. So we thought.

The call
came at 12:30 that night ( we were set to leave at 05:00). The river at “the
spot” had broken and heaped a million liters of chocolate brown water onto the
dive spot, leaving it totally undivable. End of the trip. The next day left us
down and dejected. We were all dressed up and no place to go, a most depressing
state for a fisherman to be in. But there was hope, we had leave and a 4X4, and
an adventuress spirit. We decided, that a trip North into Mozambique would be
the order if the day! Excellent, finally I could go to Mozam, having never been
there before, I was bursting with excitement. Everyone was keen and it was on.
So we thought. The 4X4’s log book was lost. This must be produced at the border!
Trip cancelled. Two trips of a life time cancelled and out the

Perseverance is sometimes called for and we were now more
determined than ever to make something happen. Due to all the heavy rains along
the coast, the only clean water was in Vidal and in Sodwana. We were glad to
hear that there was good water there and so we decided to head there! Only
problem is, being December, every last campsite was booked! Everything, there
was no accommodation anywhere. Over a Wimpy breakfast we resolved to not give up
still. (man were we determined). I hopped on the inter net and started phoning
people near Cape Vidal, I finally found a place to pitch a tent. We were once
again set!
That night the phone ran again, it was one of my two dive buddies
who was coming with on the trip…”Hi Wayne, there was some lightning last night,
my computers are fried. I have to have them fixed and sorted before I go!”.
Wanting to wait for our mate we decided to delay the trip one more day.
Unfortunately by the evening, the computer company had not arrived, leaving my
friends computers as fried as ever. We simply had to leave the next morning, as
time was running out. We made our plans to leave in the morning. The only
problem was that now we were two, and we need to be three. A few calls later and
we had another keen diver. We were once again and finally set. Of coarse we had
no 4X4 to launch the boat, but hat did not worry us, we were on our way.
next morning arrived without incident, and that afternoon we pitched our camp
fifty kilometers from the launch site. Ready to launch the boat the next

The following day we were floating in crystal clean water,
not a care in the world. The previous days incidents a distant memory, we were

There was one moment on the dive trip that stands our for
One of my crew was Cornelis. Cornelis had never shot a queen mackerel
We came to a place with a few and it was his chance to jump in the
water. He hopped in and within a minute shot a good sized snoek. Two minutes
later he shot another. We were so excited for him. It’s a fantastic feeling to
land a new species, especially one that is so good to eat. He got two, proving
that it was not just luck. We were so excited, we were cheering and whistling
and hooting. He smiled for days.
When all is said and done and planned, it’s
those moments that make all the effort worth while.