Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Salty Divers

Hi Guys,
Well its that time of the month again, and we will be getting together for a club meet / social at my place on this Friday.
We will do the usual bring and braai ... so every thing will be chilled out. I am also going to do a little bit of training, just some basic tips on breath hold, common mistakes made will diving down and returning to the surface; how good posture / technique can increase your depth, and more.
We have also had a good response to the guys wanting shirts. For members the cost is R60 and non members R70. Remember if you ... our should I say when you pay your fees (R200) you get a free shirt. So please support the club and get those club fees in.
I have also attached below a membership update form. Please fill it in and get it back to me or Carol.
On the down side, I don't think there is going to be any diving this weekend with the large swell that is going too and has already started to hit us :-( , I guess the buggs are safe for another week or so!
Please also make sure your licences are up to date. You need a current 2007 bugg licence!!!!
Spot ya on Friday ... gonna be fun
P.S - well done to Andy on his Marlin ... its the first Marlin by a Salt Rock Spearfishing Club Member!!!! Well done .... just waiting for the story and I will get it on the web. ..... Andy!!! where is it???




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