Monday, April 02, 2007

RE: Salty Diver

hey guys

shaun and i are in sodwana from thurs to monday . anyone else going to be there ? if so drop me a mail and we can hook up


Thank You

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 Subject:Salty Diver

Hey Guys,

Well it is miff all round and there looks like there is little hope of any diving this week!! we are are due a west on Friday so maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel for Saturday.

Just a heads up - Club meet has been moved.

It would have fallen on Friday the public holiday and there are a number of guys all going away. So we have moved it to Wednesday the 11th and will hold the meeting in Durban.
At the last meeting I did some training .. I know that there would have been very little opportunity to work on some of the techniques, but some feed back would be good. I am thinking of doing another training sesh so it should be good.

Anyway hope we get some water before the next meet and we can swap some stories.