Thursday, May 31, 2007

Salty Divers Club Meet

Hey guys . . Sorry for the late mail. It has been one of those weeks.
There is no club meet tomorrow nite, as it is the Durban boys turn to host.
So it will be next Thursday nite some where in town.
I have excellent feed back from the training we did a month or so
back, so I an keen to do some more with you guys.
Give of a shout he you have any suggestions or things you would want to learn.

Sorry again for being slack. . No excuse other than the excess amount
of salt water on the brain.


Friday, May 25, 2007

The Big Chill

Wayne Duncan's Ocean Article -

There is no mistaking the chill. Sunsets of brunt orange and red. Jerseys and beanies, the odd pair of gloves. Yup winter is here and she is in full force.

I had an e-mail from a friend in Plettenburg bay. Snow. Can you believe it 10 photographs of snow on the roads, snow in the trees…snow on the beach.

Another friend of mine, who I've dubbed "Ice-Man" has had problems doing some work in Kokstad, roads closed due to snow.

Two weeks ago I was in the Lesotho mountains. Just missed the Cold. The country is one of the coldest in the world and when these cold fronts come along people die. Imagine minus 10 degrees. No electricity, no water, no transport. I don't know how these guys get by. All they have is a thin mud wall and a blanket. Government sent warning to the Shepard's in the mountains, and fire wood was supplied. Wood is a good idea, you can travel miles without seeing a tree, they have long age been converted to heat. Some area become inaccessible for up to two months in winter. Kind of makes me feel grateful for my comforts. Excuse me a sec while I warm my slightly chilled filter coffee in the microwave.

On the brighter side of life, the icy winter cold fronts bring with them ocean swell. Although the coast is still recovering from the devastation of the last storm swell, there are still some good waves around. Durban is always an excellent option when there is wind and swell. The bay is quite sheltered, and the South Wester is very offshore in the bay, making for some excellent surf.

 There are a crew of surfers in Durban who live for these big swells. They have specially adapted surfboards and jet ski's, and take turns towing one another onto huge swells. Years ago there was a project to protect the bay from big swell. Hundreds of tons of sand was dumped out to sea. The idea was to make the waves break far out, dissipating the power of the wave. It did not work to well but did create a new surfing spot, called "the mound". This is the playground of these big wave surfers. They have a "the bigger the better" attitude, and welcome the huge swells, which they ride with grace and skill.

 Winter also welcomes the Garrick and the Shad. Two favorite species for fishermen. These fish migrate up the coast from South to North. Catches of Garrick have been reported all along the south coast, and divers are seeing good shoals of these fine fighting fish. The Shad have not yet appeared in numbers. You can be sure as these fronts pass, catches of the winter fish species will become more and more common.

 Will there be a sardine run this year? With every passing cold front, they get closer! Rumor has it that they are deep off East London. Will keep you posted.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Hi guys another reminder about 2moro nites club meet.

Bring and Braai at my place
108 Hilary drive Balito
6:30 for 7
Bring wives and Kids .... the more the merrier!

Se you there