Thursday, April 03, 2008

Salty Divers Club Meet


Its that time again ...gee it came upon me and I almost forgot!!! Mich actually reminded me, I suppose thats what happens when you stuck in the work mode.

I have been a bit out of touch with the diving as I have been put on the 'bench' with sinus and now flu. I have been trying to wash out the snot in some quality barrels that have been coming through ....... not sure its helping tho ... feel kinda kuk!!

Anyway dive club meet is all good for Friday and eventho the sea is probably going to be poo .... it will be good weather for a 'Dop en Chop'

Every one is asking about the jackets ... I will hopefully have a strike off of the logo for the meet ...hold thumbs :-)

Anyway looking forward to a great time,


Coatesman's Spearfishing