Monday, July 28, 2008

Salty Divers

Hey guys,

This coming Friday is Club Nite!!

As always ..... a 'Dop n' Chop' a dvd or two and I will be going over some foundational breath hold techniques.

I will cover:
Equipment - how & why the right stuff helps!
Foundational breath hold principals
Breath hold technique and application
plus some good ol tips here and there.

Last time we did a breath hold workshop we had great report backs from guys who had improved their diving.
One guy almost doubled his bottom time!!

So pull in and come check things out, and if you are an ol Salty Dog with years of experience why not pull in and come share you thoughts aswell.

On another subject the site has been down. We were hacked last year and the site just never recovered propperly. To the point that the hackers basically deleted the site and redirected the traffic to porn sites and it got riddled with viruses.

Lantz Mattinson from Afro Media has very kindly taken the site on and it giving it a total overhaul.
It looks like the site will be a whole lot more interactive so am keen to see it when it is up.
Hopefully the site will be up for Friday so we can run through the site together.

Anyway thats all, hope to see you at Club Nite


Coatesman's Spearfishing

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Salty Divers

Hey Guys,
Interesting dive times are here, Dagga, Gelbeck and even the odd Cuta!
And to top it all iy looks like the sea is going to be great this weekend!
But before we get diving its 'Club Nite'
on Friday nite at my place.
Bring and Braai ... or Dop 'n Chop .... your pick!!
Be great if you can come and join us ..............
Good times ahead