Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Salty Diver Club Nite

Hey Guys,

Whats up? ...... other than the wind!!!

This Friday is Club Nite. And its one that you must just not miss!!!
AIDA Freediving Instructor & SA Freediving record breaker Helen Garner is coming to chat to us.
This should definitely beat my breath hold training we did a couple months back!!

Go and find out more about Helen and her accomplishments: Liquid Yoga

We will do the usual "Dop en Chop"
but Helen will be starting at & bells SHARP so dont be a slacker & be late! ....  :-)

I am super amped for Friday!! I hope you can make it.
(This will be a good one to invite the mates)
And like always family and friends .. girlfriends ...and there friends
(the many single chaps would appreciate it I am sure) are all welcome.

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See you on Friday!!


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