Monday, February 02, 2009

Salty Divers

Hey Guys,

This Friday is Club Nite !!.... 

This a key evening as we will be setting things up for the year.
 On the agenda will be:
  • Club Fees & what we will be doing as far as shirts or jackets for the year.
  • Club Trip?
  • I will also be doing a short tutorial on making a basic flasher ...
  • And we are currently in the throws of redesigning the Club logo and web site, and I am sure there will be some discussion around this.
We will be doing the "Dop n Chop" thing at my place......  and the long term forecast shows no rain!!!!
This will be a good one to invite some mates ...oh and bringing the wife and kids is a must!

Give me a shout if you need to 083 631 0841