Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Salty Divers Club Nite

Hey guys,

Well it is that time of the month again .. CLUB NITE!!

And its a special one, firstly there is the gun draw!! .....and I will be seeing if we cant organise some other little extras :-) aswell to make the draw more interesting.

But a high light is that Brent Addison chairman of SAUFF is driving up from the south coast to come and share a little on SAUFF and the future of spearfishing in SA.
Brent is one of the guys that has been involved in South African spearfishing long before we knew there was such a thing, so it is an absolute honor to have with us.
As you know the club has been trying to support SAUFF and ultimately our future. So this is not one to be missed!!

The long term weather looks great for Friday nite so we will be firing up the coals for sure!!

Dont miss out this one is going to Cook!!