Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Salty Divers

Hey Guys,

This Friday is Salty's Club Nite!! I will be doing some breath hold training and techniques, so it is one not to be missed.
These training times have proved to be invaluable to some of the guys, and most guys have come away with some improvement to their depth and bottom time.

If you are an old hand and know all the 'tricks' come anyway, I am sure your experience will be of value to some of the newer guys.

I have also finalized the Club Fees etc ....
And after careful consideration I decided that we would try and keep the fees down as to try and attract as many divers.
Not that this is a numbers thing ..for the club! 
What we will be doing is putting a package deal together where the fees will also cover your SAUFF Registration
(South African Underwater Fishing Federation)
We are already as a club registered, but I wanted to find away to get all the guys involved and in tune with what is happening with
Spearfishing in South Africa and some of the huge challenges we are facing as a sport.
As a SAUFF member you will be able to participate in certain trails and comps.
You will get a monthly newsletter and will join the Spearo Ranking System, and also be able to register any record fish that you get.

But most importantly we will be supporting the body that looks after our interests as divers.
Each member helps bolster the numbers and clout needed to protect our sport .... its a very worth while cause!!

So the fees will be R250 this year.
This will give you a Freaken wild shirt (valued at R100) ... the best ever!! check Salty Club Shirt 
SAUFF Registration (normally R100)

Fees need to be paid into the Club account:

STANDARD BANK: Ballito/Stanger Branch
ACC No 257917314
Code 057529

*Use your Initials and Surname as a Ref#

Please email the following details to me (
Full Name:
ID Number: 
Shirt Size:

So thats that then!! 

Please pass this onto any of the mates that might be interested.

Cheers for now ...see you on Friday