Thursday, August 06, 2009

Good Time DVD Premier

Hey Guys,

What was a relativity unplanned Salty Divers Club Nite has become rather a BIG DEAL!
I was going to show some of the club guys the long awaited DVD in the lounge at home after the club braai.
Well that plan was hijacked and now we have a BIG SCREEN a kick ass projector and monster sound! 
We have moved outside to make space for every one to come and join in and share
in this epic moment when 2years of hard grapht comes life for the first time!!

We did a test run just now and I never thought it would look so good blown up!!
Truth is I am excited and just had to send this mail out to everyone!

So here's the plan!!
There will be braai's going from 6:30 (ladies and wives or veggies to bring salads etc)
We will chow down and start the DVD at 8pm sharp ... with all the extras this will take us to 10pm

Please bring a blanket or deck chair to sit on.

For those who have not been to a Club Nite before its at:
108 Hilary Drive Ballito

Very Amped

See you tomorrow


P.S - we will find some creative was to give a couple DVD's away!! ... so dont miss out!!

Coatesman's Spearfishing
083 631 0841



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Dagga Dreaming Video
Letter from the Editior
SA Underwater Hockey News

Border Open Spearfishing Comp

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A New Dawn
by Chris Coates
Sitting down to write the first news letter for USM there is real sense that another milestone has been reached!
This has been quiet an extraordinary journey so far, getting this mag into your hands for free. What was a simple mission to produce the 'coolest' homegrown dive mag has also become an endeavour to reach each and every diver in SA.

I am now caught between reaching all the guys, sharing what is happening in the apnea world, and fulfilling dreams of romantic, colourful adventures of wild trips and monster fish retold in high gloss immortality!

Already the adventure has begun with guys sending in the most insane stories, pic's, and emails from guys frothing with excitement over the prospects of an all South African apnea magazine.

Proud, but at the same time absolutely daunted for the task ahead. With our course set and our destination beckoning like that first time Mozambique dive trip oozing with promise.

I'm glad you are joining us on this 'Breathless Adventure'

Dagga Dreaming
With Dagga season in full swing on the Kzn coast I thought it would be fitting to throw in a vid of some Dagga action from this time last year. If this the vid does not come up in your mail Click Here



South African Underwater Hockey

  • SA is sending both an Elite Ladies and an Elite Men's team to compete in the CMAS UWH World Champs in Kranj, Slovenia, from the 20th to 30th August 2009
  • Orca UWH Club are hosting the SA Interclub tournament in Vanderbijlpark from 26th to 28th November 2009

For more info contact Crag Scott

Good Times DVD

In Search of Good Times
Finally the DVD "Good Times" is out and available!! This long awaited spearfishing DVD has exceeded every expectation so far, with some of the SA's spearfishing avantgaurd giving it the double thumbs up!

"More than just a fish movie with music. The best 'feel good' spearo movie to come out of dive or not to dive ! This video answers that question."
- Gyula Plaganyi

In The Zone productions are making a ONE TIME introductory offer to the
Ultimate Spearfishng Mag's subscribers!!
Click Here and get your copy delivered to your post box for only R190.00.

If you want to take advantage of this offer and get your copy of 'Good Times'
Click Here to down load your order form now!

by Richard Bruno - SAUFF President

It it with our deepest regret that we have lost one of our Brothers to the see. During a regular family holiday to their cottage at Bulungula in the Transkei, Greg North drowned while spearfishing in 18m of water, his father Pete was left to recover his body. Greg was a bright and intelligent individual as well as an experienced spearfisherman. Greg's funeral was in East London on the 23rd July 2009. To Pete, Jane, Family and Friends SAUFF's committee and its members offer our most sincere condolences.!

A lot of you may not be aware of what SAUFF is and what it does so we will be utilizing this space to get our message out to all you spearos, old and new.  SAUFF is not an organization that only promotes competitive spearfishing, its primary focus is to grow the sport or spearfishing at a development and club level and secondly to protect the interests of our unique sport at provincial and government level.  The easiest way to put it is to say that SAUFF is your voice when it comes to your right to spearfish in this country.

SAUFF is concerned with administering all issues pertaining to the sport of spearfishing. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Codes of conduct.
  2. Implementation and updating the SAUFF constitution in line with the Sports and Recreation Act.
  3. Fund raising, sponsorship, government funding and grants.
  4. Attending meetings and workshop conferences which have bearing on your sport.
  5. Input into legislation affecting your sport.
  6. Environmental and conservation matters.
  7. Imaging. (improving the image of your sport nationally)
  8. Awarding of national colours.
  9. Administering and managing the national records database.
  10. Administering and overseeing all SA provincial, national spearfishing events as well as international events in which Protea Underwater Fishers compete.

SAUFF are members or associate members of the following organizations:

  • South African Sport Anglers and Casting Confederation (SASACC) who in turn represent SAUFF at Sports and Recreation South Africa (SRSA) and South African Sport Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC)
  • South African Federation of Sport and Sea Anglers (SAFSSA)
  • South African Underwater Sport Federation (SAUSF)
  • World Underwater Federation – Underwater Fishing – (CMAS)
  • Boat Launch Site Advisory Group (BLSAG)

SAUFF regularly deals with regulatory bodies such as KZNCS, [KwaZulu Natal Nature Conservation], MCM [Marine and Coastal Management] and SAMLMA [South African Marine Linefish Management Association] who regulate our marine resource countywide. From a conservation and resource point of view, we deal with issues such as attempts to restrict our user groups access to certain areas or attempts to ban spearfishing completely, boat launching restrictions, recreational catch restrictions etc

SAUFF envisions that by the year 2015, the sport of underwater fishing (spearfishing) will be recognized undisputedly as the most sustainable form of fishing in South Africa. That the sport operates as a professional entity and that it enjoys the support of a growing membership, clubs and other user groups, affiliated organizations and governing bodies.

SAUFF works at having a federation which provides support and a voice to all underwater fishers in South Africa. SAUFF is committed to development and promoting positive publicity for our sport. The mission is to improve the quality of life for South Africans, both socially as well as to enhance nation building by maximizing access, development and excellence at all levels of participation both recreationally and competitively. SAUFF also works at ensuring there is cohesion in promoting care for the environment and sustainability for future generations.

SAUFF remains focused on elevating the status of the sport, keeping up with current international and national trends and disseminating this information to its members. SAUFF endeavours to remain accessible at all times to its members while working closely with other organizations, sister bodies, conservation authorities and government in an effort to promote legislation and policy which is equitable and serves the best interests of the spearfishing community at large. SAUFF pledges to uphold and implement (wherever possible) all legislation pertaining to the sport with a view to conserving the marine environment.

All spearfishermen and women, as well as clubs who have spearfishing facets should be members of SAUFF. Those who already belong to a club will not benefit directly if they have not joined SAUFF themselves personally.
Benefits of being a member include but are not limited to:

  1. Your annual contribution helps SAUFF attend to matters regarding restrictive legislation.
  2. Your annual contribution goes towards furthering the opportunities of spearfishing especially at entry level.
  3. Receiving a monthly news letter keeping you informed of the latest developments pertaining to spearfishing.
  4. Being an active part of the spearfishing community in South Africa.
  5. Being eligible to dive competitively for your province or country.
  6. Being eligible to claim a South African spearfishing record.

You can join SAUFF for a nominal annual fee of R20 for non competitive spearos and all juniors under 21 or if you want to be a senior member with voting rights and access to provincial trials and national championships the cost is R100 for a whole years membership. This can be done at your local dive shop, or by going online to where you can register online, view a list of current members and clubs, join the forums, learn from others, see who is ranked where in SA, get the latest up dates and check out the gallery.

SAUFF would like to applaud Chris Coates and Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine for their efforts so far. We wish them every success with this magazine and newsletter and believe it will be a great tool to bring our community together.


Spearfishing Competition

Border Open spearfishing challenge 2009

Date: Saturday the 3rd October 2009
Venue: Hole in the wall
Entry fee: R250 (includes t-shirt)

Briefing; hole in the wall hotel @ 20h00 2nd October 2009

Enquiries: Paul Toich 0823258392
Andries Linnow (Bokkie) 0826324020

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Salty Divers

Hey Guys,

This Friday is Salty Diver's Club Nite!!

And finally we are going to watch the DVD
 "In Search of Good Times"

This is going to be the first public showing of the DVD
,and I wanted it to be with the club guys first!!

So dont miss out, book this Friday nite - 
sort out a 'Dop en Chop' or a  'Beer and Boerrie' 

And we will see you at 108 Hilary drive, Ballito

Rock on


P>S and it looks like there will be no rain!! for once!!

Coatesman's Spearfishing
083 631 0841



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