Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Salty Divers Club

Hey Guys,

Hey Guys,

Its that time again! ....  Salty's Club Nite!!
This Friday is Club Nite and we will be getting together around the fire as always.
This Friday will be fairly relaxed, but I will spend some time going through the new Salty's Site.
 (for those who have forgotten)

The site has been down for some time and we have only just got it back up and running.
There is a lot of info that we are missing like the 'Club Merits' were individuals achievements are noted.

So if you are keen just to come hang out with the guys or hear about the site and get involved with it, Friday is for you!

There also a number of guys who have not collected their club shirts ...

Cheers for now,

Chris Coates

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