Wednesday, May 12, 2010




Morning Chaps


There will be a talk at Basil manning on techniques on how to rig and dive from your Kayak. Booking essential !!!!!!!    SEE ADVERT !!!!!!!




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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Durban North Pools Club Meet

 Here are the details: I am a bit out of coms down at the cape. Please check the USM forum for more details.

Cheers Chris


Due to numbers of interested participants for the DURBAN NORTH WORKOUT, I've had to re-structure the format just a little to try and accommodate everyone. The new training schedule is flexible enough for people to come join which ever part of the WORKOUT they choose to participate in … be it Part 1 or Part 2 or both if you wish to do so. Everyone is welcome to join both Parts of the WORKOUT.

The restructured schedule is as follows.

PART 1 : 08H00 – 10H00:-
On Land:-
Welcoming and introducing the workshop.
Complete Breathing Cycle.
Lung Stretching exercises.
Lung Packing.
Breathing Meditation.

In the Pool:-

Mammalian reflex (water)
Introduction to Empty Lung Apnea.
C02 Tables.
02 Tables.

NB :- The group participating in Part 1 of the Workout are kindly requested to pay R20.00 pp, we have to hire the pool from 08H00 – 10H00 so we can have privacy while meditating and performing our static apneas.

!!! BREAK !!!

PART 2 : 10H30 – 12H30:-
On Land:-
Kit Up.
Repetitive Dive Workout. (Physical)

End of training session at aprox 12H30 – 13H00.
This training session is probono, all you need to pay is your pool entrance fees.
Some of our good friends from Saltrock Spearfishing Club, Umhalanga Rocks Spearfishing Club as well as Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine management will be join the party in DURBAN NORTH. Unfortunately I can't persuade some of our Protea Representatives or the Croatian National Side to come grace us with their presence, these boys are having a party of their own in the ocean at the same time… We wish our boyz all the best for the TEST against the Croatians.

Corner of Northway and Umhlanga Rocks Drive starting at 08H00 on the 8th May 2010.

Looking forward in meeting you all !!!

The Team
Tom, Peter and Chris
Saltrock Spearfishing Club

Fernando and Eben
Centurion Freedivers South Africa