Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RE: Salty Divers Club Meet

SABC reception ther is lousy so I am busy organising a dish and DSTV for us to watch on.


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Subject: Salty Divers Club Meet


Hey Guys,

July's Salty's Club Meet is ON!!

We have changed the venue and day to accommodate the guys with families.
So every one can come and enjoy.

Venue: Dunkirk Beach House
Adjacent to Salt Rock Main Beach,
call Peter for assistance 082 958 6273

Time: 2:30
There is  the Germany vs. Argentina game on at 3 bells so don't be late!

What to bring:
its a 'Bring and Braai' .... or as we say a "Dop n' Chop"
Bring deck chairs, salads, dops, snacks .....dont forget the family!!
The kids can jol o the beach!
The idea is that we will braai and watch the game, and then i will be doing a session on "Hunting in Winter" This will cover hunting strategies, species, locations and more.
This will be a dynamic and interactive time not to be missed!

P.S Does any one have a portable white board for the tutorial ...or something similar?

See you there,

Chris Coates


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